Halo: Reach



Halo is one of the biggest gaming franchises out there and the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Xbox empire. I love the franchise to bits and crave every bit of knowledge about its universe, yes i’m a huge nerd, do I care? Hell no.

On September 14th Microsoft will release the latest in a long line of excellent titles called Halo: Reach. Set just before the events of the first game, humans are locked in an all out war with their enemies The Covenant; all set on an earthlike colony that houses the UNSC military as well as 700 million civilians. The game follows the actions of Noble Team, a UNSC special operations unit composed of elite supersoldiers known as Spartans (duh). Players assume the role of an unnamed new addition to the team, identified by the call sign Noble 6.

In anticipation of the game Microsoft & Bungie have published a series of mini live action shorts so players can get a feel for the game and the intensity behind the situation; they are nothing short of stunning. They have been directed by Noam Murro and edited by Angus Wall (“The Social Network”), and were filmed on location in Prague. They are all below for your viewing pleasure, and even if you didn’t understand a word of what was just said, you should be able to appreciate the scale of grandeur the shorts aim to achieve.

“Halo: Reach” is now available for pre-order at participating retailers worldwide in Standard, Limited and Legendary editions.  Developed by award-winning studio Bungie exclusively for Xbox 360, “Halo: Reach” launches in the UK on 14thSeptember 2010.