VBS: Afghanistan In The UK


VBS.TV the television offshoot of Vice Magazine, headed up by legendary director Spike Jonze, released their latest documentary yesterday, ‘Afghanistan In The UK’. The series follows the VBS camera crew as they are embedded in the British countryside’s “fake Afghanistan” as they try to uncover what motivates smart, young, Brits to join the army and fight in Afghanistan. They travel to STANTA, a state of the art training camp in middle England to meet the esteemed 2 Para, one of Britain’s most elite and legendarily aggressive, units. These troops use a multi-million dollar, phony “Afghani Village” to ready themselves for war in Afghanistan.

Meeting soldiers as young as 18 and ex-pat Afghanis and Gurkhas currently employed by the army to act as Afghani citizens, Taliban extremists and suicide bombers, their cameras follow closely the day to day life of army training and document the gruelling training process which ranges from negotiation and communication skills to dealing with Mortar attacks and suicide bombers.

The film’s producer, Andy Capper, said: “We checked into the reception area like it was an army hotel and found an agreeable room in the barracks. “Ah,” we thought, “this should be an informative and relaxing few days in the countryside. Soon after leaving my change of clothes in the barracks, we were driven miles away to a gloomy brick building in the middle of nowhere and were told that the next time we slept in a bed would be in five days. It gets much worse.”

You can check out the trailer below and see the full thing at VBS.TV.


See the rest at VBS.TV: Afghanistan in the UK | VBS.TV