New Blood: Gabby Young & Other Animals


Gabby Young has described her band as a ‘lovely dysfunctional family’, finding their moniker in the children’s tale ‘My Family & Other Animals’, a bed time favorite of a young Gabby in her days of childhood grazing in the Wiltshire meadows. One only has to listen to their album of jazzy drift and choral lament, to grasp a vivid narrative of the collective’s past. We become first hand witnesses to the dark testimony of Gabby’s struggle with throat cancer, a plight that could have prevented her classically trained voice from ever gracing our ears – an injustice for all listeners concerned. Though through such trauma, we realize that Gabby’s lyrics are true through trial, revealing to the listener that she is “no emo child”. Such lyrical statements appear throughout the showcase – this one taken from the fairground theatrics of album track ‘Whose House’, that merits a powerful closing crescendo. It comes as no surprise that the slow burning folk numbers bear morbid titles such as ‘Too Young Too Die’, where the depressing overtones are avoided through a wispy solo cradled by a clarinet, or a mere piece of light piano work. ‘We’re All In This Together’ is the first single to be released on September 13th 2010, and is quite clearly a highlight of the album, with Gabby’s vocals crossing the bridges between Bjork and Stevie Nicks in their prime.

Gabby’s theatrical physicality is suspended on stage through her carefully co-ordinated wardrobe of ram shackle commodities, mixing various centuries into her eccentric attire, clashing Dickensian austerity with Burlesque charm. This bout of dignified show girl spirit, bodes well against her 8 deep ensemble of rhythm merchants, where with wayward staggers and burnished brass, they clash together amidst feverish soaring harmonies. However, Gabby should not be mistaken as a representative of the fashionista denomination. She is by no account the formulaic wannabe bourgeoisie ‘Vile Body’, that so many other worldly performers have tried to champion to date. In Gabby’s instance, once again the proof is in the proverbial pudding. Look upon her laurels, and you will find that her self owned ‘Gabberdashery’ clothing range has been swiftly gaining a considerable degree of kudos, boasting sponsors such as ‘Beyond Retro’ and celebrity boutique ‘Ad Hoc’. Gabby’s fabrics bear sequins and feathers that celebrate the aesthetic archaisms of the 18th and 19th century, where high necked Victorian collars and puffed sleeves, confirm her honorary status as the queen of circus extravaganza.

The album is released on 20/09/10 on Gift Of The Gab Records, You can find out more about gabby here or check her out at one of the tour dates below.


7 Aug 2010 STANDON CALLING – Hertfordshire, London

21 Aug 2010 GREEN MAN FESTIVAL – Crickhowell

28 Aug 2010 SHAMBALA FESTIVAL – Main Stage! Northamptonshire

29 Aug 2010 SHAMBALA FESTIVAL – Northamptonshire, Midlands

9 Oct 2010 MOLES – Bath, Southwest

23 Oct 2010 RAILWAY INN – Winchester, Hampshire

6 Nov 2010 TELFORDS WAREHOUSE – Chester, Cheshire

13 Nov 2010 THE VIC – Swindon, Wiltshire

26 Nov 2010 JUNCTION – Goole, East Riding

27 Nov 2010 THE CIVIC – Barnsley, Yorkshire

4 Dec 2010 THE FLEECE – Bristol

18 Dec 2010 WILD HARE CLUB – Hereford