New Blood: Napoleon IIIrd

Introducing, Napoleon IIIrd. Having released his debut album in 2007 and then a mini album in 2009 his newest venture is set to release in Nov 2010 and it’s safe to say, I’m sat in quiet anticipation.

His previous band (Little Japanese Toy) split in 2004, and Napoleon (James Mabbett) decided to set out for himself, With a newly a rediscovered love for the beach boys and a keen interest of skewed dance music and loud guitars; he officially became Napoleon IIIrd. Working at his home in Leeds Napoleon resurfaced six months later armed with a surround sound system, a 40 year old reel to reel player, an acoustic guitar on a pole with built in strobe light and a whole collection of new songs. What he released was a wonderful heady mix of indie/classical/ soft pop mixed with obscure and glitching dance. ‘In Debt To’, Napoleon IIIrd’s debut album, is meticulous; with it’s heavily produced but low-fi sound each song is a thick and intricate melody of music.

With his new album set to release later this year, and a free sample available on his website ; entitled ‘Christiania’ it’s easy to see parts of his older albums mentality shining through, suggesting a still familiar but very promising project to come.

I have to say when it comes to my own musical tastes, I don’t really blend with softer more marketable pop or indie sentiments; and the recent influx of dance and electronica doesn’t really wash with me. However I find with Napoleon a nice moment of sanity, it’s the mix of traditional pop sentiments with experimental/classical sounds and heavy guitars which make the sound of Napoleon IIIrd unique and more interesting than alot of the ‘off the shelf’ electro pop, and makes my overall anticipation of his new album all the more expectant.

Napoleon’s album drops later this year on Brainlove records, you can hear the lead single ‘Christiana’ at his Myspace and check out his latest tour dates, including a gig at one of our favourite venues Leicester Firebug on October 1st. Or check out this mini doc & Re-cap of this “Hideki Yukawa” tour in 2009.