Hipster Hitler


Hipster Hitler is a brand new site from two writers & illustrators known only as ‘JC & APK’. The site has only been up a couple of weeks or so and by the guys own admission they didn’t anticipate the attention it has been getting.

“…we didn’t anticipate on so many people voting. When we saw those numbers, our jaws dropped…”

After a great deal of attention on t-shirt site Redbubble and prolific sharing on DIGG & stumbleupon the site has become a mini overnight success for the pair. They only have two cartoons up so far, but stay tuned for alot more, and if they are all to the standard of the first two, i may have just found my new favorite web cartoon; Been desperatley seeking a new one ever since Mitch Clem stopped publishing ‘Nothing Nice to Say‘.

The first one is below, keep checking back at HipsterHitler.com for more info & more cartoons.