Too Young To Love & Francesco Calabrese


Two young hands hold under the 9pm streetlights of North London, sucking on juice and with Bieber blaring. Nudging Andrea and Luca, Yari points to the love-clueless pair as they naively (or not) roost in the bus shelter; spotlessly stereotypical: “Look, look, too young to love, too young to love.”. The pubescent pair may be oddly fascinating but I’m more engrossed with Andrea, Luca and Yari themselves, the three italians who cast the defiantly more mysterious band Too Young To Love.

A couple hours earlier, we were standing on a Stoke Newington street corner (no questions asked) battling the language barrier to uncover what makes Italiano’s new wave pioneers. Modulated beats and electronic euphoria, sets Milan’s reflection/reaction to These New Puritans for sure infamy. Back in London, they’ve began decoding the British milieu and fabricating the foundations for an Italian scene of their own.

“In Italy, there’s something coming out lately (check out….Dance for Burgeees, WOW, Soviet Street…) but there’s no real interest in music, like in London. London’s so much better for bands at the moment. In Italy everything is bad, really bad.”

Their look and their music perceives an eclectic pressure. But when asked about their inspirations, they have little to spill (note. their grappling English and my, well, non existent Italian may have impacted on this. Just maybe).

“We’re not particularly close to anything, our inspirations come from our own consciousness instead of other bands. Our music stems from something more emotional I think. The lyrics though are particularly connected with philosophy…”

Their latest single Frozen Fields, released this May, has paved itself a prosperous fate; thick with romanticised and visionary synths entrusted alongside their signature cryptic lyrics. Levelling the track with its own delphic notions is the video, directed by Francesco Calabrese whose previous attainments include The Bloody Beetroot’s W.A.R.P and Tiger Amari. Basically, the he’s good but the video? Very good.

The Too Young To Love versus Francesco synthesis bared just what a collection of creative-Italo virtuosos should: wolves, transfixed children, cults, spectral chanting trees; what more could you ask for?

“The video concept is based on the egyptian funeral rythe; it’s about the weight of a soul. That idea charmed us. We all read some parts of the Papyrus of Ani; it connects the physical with the metaphysical. Particularly the link with the metaphysical- that’s what we were looking for, we wanted something that could go beyond that, the metaphysical. The whole idea was a good transfiguration of the concept for the video.”

Infatuated with the Calabrese-shot film, we sought after the director himself. With a credit-roll burgeoning to epic lengths, it’s not just us that lusts after his film-skills, he’s already yearned after by bands, artists, writers, labels, agents, girls, boys etc…etc….

What’s the Frozen Fields video about?

“TYTL came up with the concept. I just gave it a form. They wanted to use the elements but didn’t have a clear idea of how to do so. I thought that it would be better to have kids playing the characters instead of the band. From my point of view this video is a sort of visualization of how they see the world, so out of balance, where a feather can weigh more than a human heart and that’s scary. The fact that there are kids, ghostly presences and rituals is simply a way to put symbols together.”

How easy is the process from having an idea to making a film?

“First it’s never that easy. But secondly, most of the time the idea hardly shows on film as the idea you thought up first. In any kind of film production there are always difficulties, technicalities and unforeseen events which tend to drive you away from the concept and focus on how to solve problems.”

Any trials and tribulations that affected the shoot?

“As usual something goes wrong at some point. We where on a really tight schedule and budget with a small crew therefore shooting at night wasn’t possible. We had to shoot during the day and we needed the weather to be cloudy but instead the sun hit the location all day long. That made us waste a lot of time trying to avoid direct sunlight on the subjects and the background.”

PHOTO: Francesco Calabrese

How would you describe this, the Frozen Fields video, particular piece of work?

“I hardly know how to describe my videos. I rather have people making their own ideas than to convey what they mean through my words; I’ve already said something just by making the video. Anyway, this video doesn’t reflect the concept of the song itself but instead it reflects it’s mood. We wanted to make something magical and timeless. I guess we made it.”

Why work with Too Young To Love?

“Just because they are talented and focused.”

Do you see a video being a support to a song or an integral part of its popularity?

“It depends, but most of the time it should be a way to help a band reach it’s audience and for the filmmaker to experiment.”

You’ve worked with others, how does a working relationship happen; do you choose who you work with or do they choose you?

“Most of the time they choose me, then I choose if I work with them or not. Sometimes you do it for money and sometimes its only for the sake of art or fun. But in the music video “industry” it usually is about art or fun….”

How did you get into film?

“I’ve been asked this question so many times and I never know what to say. I just decided one day that I wanted to make films and that’s it. From then on I worked my ass off to be comfortable in calling myself a filmmaker.”

Do you have a theme that flows through your work?

“Not really…or should I say: not yet.”

Who would you like to worth with?

“Michael Caine”

What’s in store for the future?

“Maicol Jecson”

With his own feature film set for production next year Francesco Calabrese is intensifying his appetite for success; Frozen Fields: another laudably executed film to the future. Too Young To Love? They’re verging to parallel Calabrese’s prosperity. Hitting Offset this September, let TYTL and Frozen Fields lure you in to their warped yet beguiling worlds.

‘FROZEN FIELDS’ is out now on Keep It Yours records, you can find more info on the band at their Myspace, or check out the video for FROZEN FIELDS below.

Too Young To Love – Frozen Fields from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.