FAQ About Time Travel


‘FAQ About Time Travel’ is a charming and quirky British film from last year. The plot follows two sci-fi geeks and a cynic, whilst drinking in British pub are drawn into a time-travelling adventure and a series of critical decisions must be made to restore the time-line.

Likened to low budget, British cinematic triumph like Shaun Of The Dead, FAQ About Time Travel gained mixed reactions from critics last year. Most loved the idea weren’t too fond of the execution, as most claimed it would have worked better as a made for TV movie or an extended pilot episode. Well last night, BBC Two debuted the film on terrestrial TV and its now available for the next 7 days on i-player. I love this film, behind the limited locations and obvious budget problems, there is a strong script and engaging story brimming with imagination and charismatic characters. The I.T Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd takes the lead and is supported by a great cast, Up & Comer Mark Wootton and Shameless’ Dean Kelly as well as American Anna Faris (Scary Movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, The House Bunny, Observe & Report).

You can check out the film below for the next 7 days on BBC iPlayer. The embed below is tempremental, if its not working click here.