Calm Down Dearest // Kick It Out

Today’s article, rather unsurprisingly, may end up as a bit of a rant. For those of you that have been reading Calm Down Dearest for some time now, you’ll know that I’m not one go to town on something without good reason… right? This week I was horrified to see images of shameful racist taunts during a Europa League match between Liverpool and FK Rabotnicki.

Isn’t it about time that these narrow minded people gave up their ageing views? If not, I’ll happily play executioner and gas them because there isn’t room for people like that in today’s world. It amazes me that there are still people who would resort to such insults as the man you see here. He’s allegedly aiming these ‘monkey chants’ towards Liverpool’s two black players, David Amoo and David Ngog.

It shocks me though that in today’s society people can still be racist. I’d genuinely like to sit down with an actual racist and ask, why? What are the actual reasons for being racist? There’s simply no logic it to it, just stupidity. Just think about it for a minute though… I mean, there’s no basis to it whatsoever. An example? Well, it’s fair for me not to like Brussels sprouts because they taste like someone farting in my mouth – that has logic. It’s equally ok for me to not like sex offenders because I don’t want my bum hole fingering. So unless David Amoo or indeed David Ngog farted in that chaps mouth whilst slipping him a finger, he’s got no right to behave like a moron.

So Mr Racist, take your fat ugly face away from football matches in future and you can take your smug idiotic friends with you. You’re societies’ AIDS and we don’t want you around. It isn’t funny, it isn’t clever and it sure as hell isn’t the 18th century so fuck off with your narrow minded views and your low IQ.

Вие валкани расистички свиња! – That’s right, you. I’m calling you a dirty racist pig!

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