Mystery Jets – Serotonin

Twickenham foursome, Mystery Jets, unearth a refreshing taste of indie with brand new masterpiece Serotonin. After a two year break, the band’s sound has somewhat matured since Twenty One and Making Dens, with Serotonin being the pinnacle of a slow-moving career. Bundling along with energy, electricity and resonances of eighties synths, the album is an easy listening, uplifting, summer concoction. Bonus track ‘Dreaming Of Another World’ also adds a splash of nostalgic pop, revealing a Duran Duran style of inspiration, which glows throughout the entire album. Still, elements of Twenty One are tightly nestled within certain tracks; ‘Flash A Hungry Smile’ and ‘Serotonin’ cleverly echo the beguiling tone of the 2008 debut. Nonetheless, this long awaited third album reaps rewards for being ambitious, experimental indie music with a whole lot more confidence in its sound; reflecting the band’s drive to strengthen their career since being dropped by 679 Records.

The sanctified chords, spacey synths and more concentrated approach to instrumentals are spine tingling, with originality seeping from the band’s latest effort. Certainty is echoed in each track, which undoubtedly sets the album above the rest. The band’s enthusiasm, passion and musical expertise has rocketed, yet resemblances of MGMT and The Kooks are apparent. Saying that, who was here first? The clicking, clapping and lyrical ‘ba ba ba’ in the chorus of ‘Skinny Jeanne’ also resembles surf-pop quartet The Drums. Impressive guitars add a hint of rock and roll to these elevating tracks, with Blaine’s usual high-noted, echo-like voice pleasing the ear; immediately taking you back to the success of Twenty One.

With what is perhaps a small fan base, Mystery Jets’ status will amplify with this mastermind creation.  The album is lively and inspirational, exposing the band’s capability to produce top-quality music. It holds the key to some refreshingly alternative music that avid fans and outsiders will take a shine too.

Serotonin is out now on Rough Trade. You can view the video for lead single ‘Dreaming Of Another World’ below.