Kitsune X Ponystep Compilation

The overall sense of being back in the mid-nineties at a festival in the height of summer at 4 o’clock in the morning in a dance tent, or at a club in an unfamiliar city is what makes this compilation as good as it is. It literally could be summed up with the word, ‘summer’. Whether it be the aforementioned late night/early morning party, or simply going on a drive and blasting the tunes out in the sunshine, I felt a happy sense of nostalgia, and the need to do something more with my holiday than hand out CVs and watch Come Dine With Me repeats in the afternoon.

What I like most about Kitsune is how cleverly each song is mixed, you can genuinely feel the time and effort they’ve taken to put together a compilation that has fluidity and clever nuances as the tracks are merged together. Plus it means at a party you can cheat and people will think you’re a fabulous DJ.

Stream/download Florrie – 911 (BeatauCue Remix)

Stand out tracks include ‘La Musica’ by Munk for its lightness, and hints of the influence of Groove Armada. Two Door Cinema Club closely follows this as the development of the band since they first appeared on a Kitsune compilation is overt. The hypnotic beat of Florrie is truly brilliant as its floor filling potential is undeniable.

To highlight specific songs seems like I’m being a music fascist, it‘s not about just those. Everything about this screams, ‘summer!’ and would brighten up the darkest of British-weather days. I’m telling you, whack this on when you’re getting ready for a night out, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time, although you might just be disappointed if you don’t hear it once you’ve left the house.

Kitsune x Ponystep is out on July 26th. You can view a short film chronicling the cover image shoot below and download a track by Florrie from the Soundcloud player above.