This Is England 86′


Shane Meadow’s ‘This Is England’ was one of the best British films of the last decade and a landmark of British cinema, and its about to get a sequel in the form of a 4 part drama series for Channel 4.

‘This Is England 86’ is set 3 years after the film ends and follows the lives of the original cast, Shawn, Woody, Lol, Smell, Gadget and Milky; all the original actors have reprised their roles and the cast remains relatively unchanged. It’s not on telly for a while yet, but this new 3 minute trailer of the gang enjoying a small party has just been released. The series is set in the middle of the Mexico World Cup and at the height of the UK’s unemployment crisis, when more than 3.4 million Britons were out of work.

Shane Meadows said, “When I finished This Is England I had a wealth of material and unused ideas that I felt very keen to take further – audiences seemed to really respond to the characters we created and out of my long standing relationship with Film4 and Channel 4 the idea for a television serial developed”

The series was made possible after the axing of Big Brother last year, allowing Channel 4 to pump an extra £20m in their drama division.

You can check out the preview trailer below or find out more info on the Warp Films official site here.