Sky Ferreira


Sure, you might think we’re saturated with female quasi-indie pop stars at the moment – from La Roux to Ellie Goulding, Little Boots to Marina & The Diamonds, Lady Gaga to Kei$ha – we’re frequently close to drowning. But there’s always room for more. Already a raft of new stars in the sky are emerging; Florrie, Spark, Sunday Girl, and last but not least Sky Ferreira, are all ready to grab pop’s crown. We’ve already talked about Sunday Girl, we’ll talk about Spark in Faux Vol 1.5, and we’ll get round to Florrie soon, promise. For now though, lets focus on L.A. raised brat-pop star in waiting, Sky Ferreira.

Frankly, she’s the girl your mother warned you about – precocious, confident, sassy, and as polished as a blood diamond. At only 17 she’s already dredged her way through L.A. hipsterdom, garnering support from tastemakers around the globe – from Dazed & Confused’s Sian Rowe, to Vice’s Billy JD or Platform’s Sam Wolfson – the support from her near-peers is astounding. With her debut single ‘One’ released through Parlophone late this August, she’s not going to be going anywhere soon. It’s a solid dancefloor-filling pop jam, oozing with audacity, dynamism, and a sense of can-do-will-do attitude that only L.A. can provide. Top that all off with the best video Rankin has directed since his stunning promo for Marina & The Diamonds’ ‘I Am Not A Robot’ and you’ve got one of the freshest pop packages of the summer.

Sky Ferreira releases ‘One’ through Parlophone on August 23rd. You can view the Rankin directed video below.