Kele – Everything You Wanted

Through all of Bloc Party’s material, Kele Okereke always came across as an intensely emotional man. Wrought, bitter, joyous, playful; whichever it was, it shone through in their material to an astounding degree. With his debut album The Boxer, out now on Wichita Records, he escaped the confines of his previous band and thrust himself wholeheartedly into a solo career. One of the strongest and, following on from before, most emotional tracks on the album – ‘Everything You Wanted’ – is his next single. The cracking video for the track sees a tearful and lost Kele wandering aimlessly through a New York suburb, ending staring eerily into the camera, the sights of the city reflected around him. It’s pretty heart wrenching stuff to watch, but brilliant at the same time. Check it out.

Kele releases ‘Everything You Wanted’ through Wichita Records on 16th August. His debut album, The Boxer, is out now.