Hurts – Wonderful Life

When songs get re-released, opinion splits one of two ways. Firstly, that it’s a good thing. A better video, a stronger mix, an incredible remix package, etc. Either that or people just despair. The songs that stick out in my head as being painfully re-released so much that I wanted to smack each limited-but-only-until-the-next-release 7″ over my skull are probably ‘Generator’ by The Holloways or anything by Florence Welch. Urgh.

Anyway, Hurts first came to light because of the incredible ‘Wonderful Life’ – a dark and brooding alt-pop song drapped and doused in a leaden aesthetic. The video was blogged extensively, including by me, and the Arthur Baker remix of the track destroyed dancefloors in cool clubs the world over after being included on Kitsune 9. Quite why Hurts’ label feel the need to re-release ‘Wonderful Life’ must say something for the quality of material on their forthcoming LP, if this is one of the prime lead cuts. Having said all that, the below video is only slightly sub-par to the original – shot in Ibiza and featuring underwater synchronised alt-art deco dancing, you’d pretty much be a fool to miss it.

Hurts release ‘Wonderful Life’ on 16th August followed by their debut LP, Happiness, on 6th September. You can stream the video for previous single ‘Blood, Tears & Gold’ here. Or check out the excellent new video for ‘Wonderful Life’ Below.