Daft Punk – Tron Legacy

The first original material in almost 6 years has appeared from Daft Punk, but those fans hoping for more club friendly bangers – you will just have to keep waiting.

It was announced way back in March 2009 that the acclaimed duo had been signed to score the the proposed big budget/high concept sequel to the cult 1982 film Tron; Tron Legacy. The material is almost undisinguishable to Daft Punks regular output, it has all been built to echo the tone of the movie, the snippets are appropriately dark and have a fairly standard intense action movie vibe, which means booming drones, coupled with heavy rumbles and tense strings. All in all the duo have produced 24 tracks for the film and are due to release them as the official soundtrack later this year. The band will also make a cameo appearance in the film as disc jockey programs at a nightclub within the film’s virtual world.

You can check out the samples here, Or check out the latest trailer below.