BBC 6 Music


It was announced today that 6 Music has been saved from closure after a BBC Trust review stated that “a convincing case” had not been made for the station to be shut down. Instead the Trust has decided to close the BBC Asian Network and scrap the youth service Blast!.

Stong views had been expressed by many supporters of the station after proposals were drawn up last year to review the stations function in the BBC model and look at closure. A huge public push got underway and the “Save BBC 6 Music” campaign attracted a great deal of support – not from just the public however, David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker, Lily Allen, Elly Jackson and Emily Eavis (Glastonbury organiser) were just some of the celebrities who showed support for the station and the key role it plays in the development of independent music in the UK. The push itself also helped to create awareness of the station and saw its listener figures jump from 600,000 to almost 1 million a week.

The saving of BBC 6 Music is part of a wider strategy by the BBC to decrease the number of things they do, and do fewer things very well, instead of a lot of things to a mediocre degree. It also comes as part of a review of their digital radio strategy which sees less of a division drawn between the two services – which includes a list of changes to be made to both BBC Radio 1 & 2. Hopefully the review will provide a dramatic improvement of the BBC’s radio services over the next year and finally help them decrease their station portfolio to provide a more concise and focused service.

If your not doing much, click here to have a listen to the excellent BBC 6 Music.