The Creators Project, London


As you all will know by now if you’ve been reading my blog recently, I have been getting very excited about The Creators Project. The Launch Party in London took place on Saturday night at Victoria House in Bloomsbury.

Victoria House was overflowing with artists, hipsters and journalists. Films were shown in the auditorium (I’m Here – a robot love story by Spike Jonze being a particular favourite- see the trailer below), the creators of fascinating electronic art projects which were scattered around the building made inspirational speeches, the music was brilliant (I’ll explain more about that later) and alcohol was free and unlimited all night.

Many of the art projects were interactive, for example The Radical Friend installation where you went into a large glass triangular booth, got your face scanned and then it morphed on a big screen. Its purpose – who knows – but it was fun and the guys doing the face scanning looked like additional members of Hurts. There was also interactive 3D drawing, an indoor enchanted pine forest corridor by Karl Sadler, and The Blue Box where each participant put on their favourite song on the laptop, danced around to it whilst being filmed and it was shown on a big screen duplicated. This was a lot more interesting than it sounded, especially after a few cocktails (stand out cocktails were Pom Collins and some sort of gingery one). We met some lovely, friendly people there including Will The Californian, who we later found hunched over outside looking just a little bit fucked, he couldn’t even tell us his name when we asked him, and the two french girls and a guy that we had witnessed performing a Napoleon Dynamite dance routine earlier.

We could not find the Ballroom for ages and therefore missed Flats and Yuck (the latter, very, very regrettably as I absolutely adore Yuck), I nearly cried when I found out that I’d missed them! But, I soon recovered from my disappointment as Mark Ronson and The Business International performed an utterly amazing set. Mark was joined onstage by guests Q-Tip, MNDR, Kyle from The View and Rose Elinor Dougall and brought to life tracks from all three albums, with ‘Valerie’ ft. Kyle as a finale.

Kele Okereke was also brilliant; after having sound problems him and his band returned to the stage and delivered an animated and well received set full of not only songs from his solo album but a Bloc Party medley, wrapping things up with the classic ‘Flux’. An excellent, memorable and interesting night with free alcohol, stunning art, great music performances and wonderful people. Bravo Vice/Intel, Bravo!

The Creators Project is a joint venture between Vice and Intel. You can find out loads more here.