Handsome Clothing


For Canada’s Handsome Clothing Company being handsome has become far more than the perfect jaw line or a photogenic complexion. With already a range of Handsome t-shirts and sweat tops flirting amongst the fashion-conscious out there, they’re looking to launch a new line branded HNDSM. Featuring in Faux this July, we talk about the aesthetics, design and inspiration that lies behind the alpha of the HNDSM brand: a jewellery line.


What’s the inspiration for the jewellery line?
The jewellery line was inspired by our affinity towards unbranded fashion. It compliments the line of HNDSM clothing we’re working on while branching out into some new territory. We have a lot of ideas that are best expressed in different mediums, jewellery was a logical next step for us.

Who can you see wearing the pieces? Who do you want to wear them? They’re neither feminine nor masculine? Is unisex jewellery important for the HNSM brand?
We didn’t want these pieces to be gender specific. They’re simple, minimalist and understated so that anybody can wear them. It does seem that girls are the braver of the genders, so keeping masculine comforts in mind is usually a safer option when catering to a unisex audience.

Why launch a jewellery collection now?
Jewellery complimented what we’re trying to achieve aesthetically with HNDSM.

With HNDSM we wanted to make a few understated pieces. In the works right now are a crew neck t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt, crew neck sweatshirt and the jewellery. All of them use high quality materials, are well-tailored, and manufactured in Canada. It’s a chance to take our designing in a more refined direction and focus in on finer details for the increasingly educated consumer.

What do you want your jewellery to represent/mean?
Each jewellery piece that we’ve made so far has been more conceptual. They have meaning beyond their form, which we will provide some insight into and let the customers decide the rest. For example “The Strong Silent Type” is a piece containing two keys. One is cut like a hunting knife and the other is uncut. One may interpret the knife as representative of a more fear-induced approach to progress while the uncut key is more tactful and creative.

Do you see your jewellery being just an accessory to an outfit or do you see your pieces making the outfit?
One thing we’ve been able to witness with our previous fashion ventures is the diversity of our customers. Customers continue our creative process once the pieces are in their hands and are free to wear them with whatever vision they have.

I think personally we’d see them as another subtle detail of what you’re wearing. Able to blend in or stand out depending on the desired look. To a trained eye we’d hope they would appreciate the details of the jewellery like the deliberate cut and stitch of one of our shirts.

Handsome Clothing launch their HNDSM range, starting with jewellery but expanding to clothes and other products as well, in the coming months. You can see Handsome Clothing shirts featured in Faux 1.5, out mid-July. For info on HNDSM and Handsome Clothing, check out their site here.