The British Art Show 7


Art is a fickle mistress; in today’s British art scene you find yourself planning to attend exhibitions taking place weeks, months, even years in advance simply because if you live more than 30 miles away from a major city (and lets face it, most of us do) then the chances of seeing art that isn’t prefaced with the term “local” is slim.

That is why, with plenty of warning I might add, you should know about The British Art Show 7. Designed to showcase the most exciting, innovative and thought-provoking art in Britain, BAS has shaped the careers of many young artists over the last 20 years. Most notably spotlighting the Young British Artists (YBA’s to those in the know) impact of the art scene in 1995. The 39 selected artists have been chosen on the grounds of their significant contribution to contemporary art in the last five years. All artworks included have been produced since 2005 and encompass sculpture, painting, installation, drawing, photography, film, video and performance, with many artists creating new works especially for the exhibition.

The beauty of BAS is that it makes the effort to show in more low profile locations, although London will always be one of its touring locations. There is the sense that the organisers and curators feel like they are doing their creative good deed for the day,in the same way you do when you visit your elderly Aunty Muriel, she’s not really your Aunty and you think she might be a bit past her sell by date but you go once a year anyway to prove that you’re not the soulless ne’er-do-well that your mother always said you would turn out to be. Whether the London ‘set’ believe it or not, there is exciting artistic work happening right across the country and BAS’s good deed accidentally highlights just how important that is. So you have been warned, start getting ready Aunty Muriel, you have guests coming.

The British Art Show 7 begins in October 2010 and will be opening in Nottingham across various venues, moving on to the Hayward in London, then Glasgow and Plymouth. For more information click here.