Lissie – Catching A Tiger

Never judge an album by its cover. Lissie is adorable – she has freckles and blonde hair and the face of a farmer’s daughter. She’s also very talented, and her debut album Catching A Tiger isn’t the work of a farmer’s daughter. It’s sexy, tragic, joyful and, occasionally, beautiful.

It’s like Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits had a daughter. Beneath the cute exterior there is a brooding woman with a guitar in her hand and a cigarette between her lips. As the album opens there is a subtle reminder of Rain Dogs, and this isn’t too bizarre as the album’s producer, Jacquire King, worked with Waits some time before his work with Kings Of Leon took him to stardom.

Though the influence of many musicians can be heard throughout Catching A Tiger, none is so strong as Fleetwood Mac, and the whole album slinks along with the hot, dusty vibe of a modern day Rumours. Despite this it still holds its own weight with such great tracks as the ever-so-tender ‘Bully’ and ‘Little Lovin’; a song which might just open the door for a country-western revival.

One album highlight comes at the halfway point with Stranger, a track that is cuter than the entire Juno soundtrack and bounces along with pure ‘60s pop power. The record could be a real mess. Attempting to blend country, folk, pop and rock while keeping some integrity is a difficult thing to achieve, but Lissie skilfully accomplishes it without becoming another Shania Twain. Thank God.

Lissie releases Catching A Tiger on 21st June through Columbia. You can view the video for single ‘When I’m Alone’ below.