New Blood: Sunday Girl


Sunday Girl – real name Jade Williams – inherited her name working in a pet shop on, yes, you guessed it; Sundays, rather than the popular Blondie song.  She’s the creator of smooth electro-pop, and having already bagged a collaboration with legendary producer Diplo on her track ‘Four Floors’ which was her début single in March of this year, her future seems bright.  This young lady is starting to get a lot of attention recently not only for her delicious, fuzzy electro-pop music but also for her fashion enthusiasm – she has been blogged about by everyone from Popjustice to ASOS Magazine.

Following on from ‘Four Floors’, new single ‘Self Control’ is set for release on the 26th July. It incorporates blissful production with a serene representation of Laura Branigan’s original captivating lyrics, whilst a third single ‘Stop Hey’ is geared up for a September release. Sunday Girl is effortlessly chic musically – taking in to account her flawless, stylish appearance, she seems to have pretty much everything going for her. Expect to see her all over fashion and music magazines shortly, but in the meantime you can read her blog where she posts her drawings (she does all of her own artwork), her latest fashion interests and music news.

Sunday Girl releases ‘Self Control’ on July 26th. You can download a fantastic remix of ‘Self Control’ by previous New Blood stars Fenech-Soler here and stream previous single ‘Four Floors’ below. Sunday Girls blogs over at her official site here.