New Blood: Chief

This time last year, Chief were preparing to sign to Domino in the stone circle at Glastonbury 2009. Incredible, right? It’s easy to see why Domino took such interest, their weaving folk/rock and roll hybrid sound shows a wealth of influences ranging from the obvious (Crosby, Stills, and Nash) to the less obvious (TV On The Radio). Hailing from Brooklyn, but originally raised in L.A., they manage to side-step easy comparisons, coming out as a strong contender in a label stable that places them alongside acts such as Animal Collective, or She & Him.

Following on their single last summer on Chess Club, Chief released follow-up ‘Breaking Walls’ on the 21st June. Mixing intricate guitar with warm and striding summer melodies, it’s a fantastic single and introduction to a band that are yet to fully break through to the public consciousness. It’s backed with b-side ‘Your Direction’, taking a lighter course to ‘Breaking Walls’, it sees lead singer Evan Koga’s vocals taking on an almost eerily familiar twinge; like Richard Ashcroft raised on the American west coast.

Chief’s debut single ‘Breaking Walls’ is out now on Domino. You can stream the video for b-side, ‘Your Direction’ below and find more from Chief at their myspace.