The Creators Project: Mark Ronson


Mark Ronson has a massive image problem. Somehow, creating some of the biggest hit singles of the past 5 years didn’t seem to cut it, and now everyone assumes he just lumps a load of trumpets on a glorified cover version of a previously moderately famous song. That spat with Oasis didn’t help either. Either way, underneath all of that stuff there’s a massively talented producer, musical visionary, and immensely influential tastemaker. You’ve probably already been bombarded with info on The Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and Vice to showcase “technology and some of the brightest young minds in music, art, film, and design”. Awesome. Far from being a corporate sponsorship fuckfest, it combines the fantastic video journalism of Vice’s VBS brand with, the vision and drive of Intel. There’s a bundle of stuff over on the site which we’d highly recommend checking out (just make sure you come straight back here afterwards, m’kay?). For now though, take a look at Mark Ronson waxing lyrical about his new album, securing superstar hookups, and coping with being a 100% celeb DJ.