Slow Club Live @ Leeds, Cockpit


On the sold out final night of the tour at Leeds Cockpit, one moment epitomised this gig; the moment Rebecca turned to Charles and whispered “we’re gonna be pop stars Charles!”. You have the feeling she’s right.

Starting the gig in the middle of the crowd to play a spine tingling acoustic version of ‘Wild Blue Milk’, this gig was special from the start. Full of mishaps, sound problems and other diasters, the band said it themselves, people came to see them not be slick popstars, but for the delightful mess they are. Latest single ‘Giving Up On Love’ was given a boost live with the entire energy of the crowd singing along, and the closer ‘Christmas TV’ was beautifully performed on the Cockpit’s stage steps, with every single fan singing along, seemingly to the shock of the band themselves.

Supporting them were Summer Camp, displaying their sometime melancholic but always melodic, perfect pop songs, getting the crowd well and truly excited for Slow Club. Stand out songs included ‘Ghost Train’ and ‘Was It Worth It’, amazingly made better by a full live band, definitely one to watch out for over summer festivals.

Slow Club’s debut album Yeah, So? is out now and you can stream the latest single from it, ‘Giving Up On Love’ above. Summer Camp are playing plenty of festivals this summer having just released their debut single on Moshi Moshi, which you can stream below.