Ed Templeton


Ed Templeton has always strived for perfection in multiple fields. Alongside his highly succesful skateboard career and running influencial skateboard brand ToyMachine, he is also a photographer, illustrator and painter. Templeton’s work is a merging of all aspects of his life and is heavily rooted in the D.I.Y origins of his skate career. Having no proper training as an artist, Templeton’s use of multiple mediums such as painting or writing on photographs shows an ad hoc approach, whilst he aims to focus his subject matter to give a non-judgmental perspective of his surroundings.

Recently he produced a hugely successful exhibition at London’s Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, called “Drinking The Kool Aid” which was done as “a personal chronicle that served as a mirror for a broader reflection on what it means to be human.” Couple this with the success of his debut book “Deformer” and a heavy hand in touring art exhibition and film project “Beautiful Losers”, Ed shows no signs of slowing down.

There is book available commenorating the work in his latest exhibition, available here. But for a quick preview scroll down through our gallery. For more info on Ed check the Toy Machine site here.