On The Road With Fenech Soler

While we’ve already covered Fenech Soler in great details with Chris Wheatley’s New Blood piece in Vol 1.3, and the extended interview edit you can read here, but I thought this was worthy of another 5 minutes of your time.

Ben Thomas is the man behind some of the most striking clubnight posters around at the moment, as well as a huge amount of promotional advertising. You’ll recognise his style instantly; striking, angular designs redefining and expanding what can be achieved by collaging content digitally. He’s now expanding towards working on video, one of the first efforts of which is this fantastic “On The Road With” piece on Fenech Soler. It’d probably make great viewing anyway, but Ben’s distinctive edge really raises it above anything else we’ve seen in this vein for quite some time.

You can view more of Ben’s work at his website here.