Music // Klaxons – Flashover

God, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Finally, after failed sessions with Myths Of The Near Future producer James Ford and then the renowned Tony Visconti, Klaxons return with the visceral, vibrant, and devilish ‘Flashover’. It’s a just-past-4-minutes drunken romp, a mess of squealing feedback and hollow crash cymbal. This is the sound of Vice fucking Platform while Dazed & Confused quietly keeps itself busy in the corner. It’s 2007 all over again, but in all the best ways. Much like everyone said last year, maybe the curse of the sophmore album is finally dead. Unless you’re Kate Nash of course. Poor doll.

Klaxons release their second album, provisionally titled Surfing The Void, later in the summer. You can stream the first cut from the LP below.