Live Review // Temper Trap

Here in Norwich there is a natural progression of venues for fledgling bands. So when The Temper Trap, Australia’s indie-pop, 500 Days of Summer-sensation got a place in the city’s biggest venue, the UEA’s LCR, the band seemed to have taken an optimistic leap. Having only played the city’s intimately-sized Arts Centre last year, a venue with a third of the capacity of the LCR, the band and its promoters were clearly looking to go on to much bigger and better things.

The Temper Trap’s headline show at Norwich UEA was a night in which no matter how hard the band worked to get the crowd going, there simply wasn’t the overall interest to extinguish the feeling that they were playing to a small core of loyal fans and a periphery of curious bystanders. Nevertheless, the performance was on-the-money, as it was ten months ago at the Arts Centre, with Dougie Mangani’s vocals as impressive as ever, ‘Down River’ perhaps demonstrating this best with it’s powerfully uplifting chorus.

Whilst the gig had absolutely no problem in selling out (it took just a week or so), the suspicions of many, including myself, were confirmed on the night. The band had neither the material nor the loyal following to really electrify the 1600 capacity venue. Long, laborious solos and five minute “outro’s” bulked the set out to a still-disappointing fifty minutes and for much of the crowd it was only the singles ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘Science of Fear’ that excited them at all.

This shouldn’t discourage anyone from seeing the band however. They are without doubt one of the best up and comers in a live environment and in a slightly smaller venue and with a more dedicated crowd, they make for a fantastic night of live music.

Conditions, the debut album from The Temper Trap, is available now, while the video for their most recent single ‘Fader’ is embedded below. The band are playing every festival under the sun this summer.