Live Review // Doves

Photo by Jennifer Simpson.

As one of Manchester’s admired talents, Doves return to the stage to perform a string of UK dates to coincide with the release of their greatest hits The Places Between: The Best Of Doves.

At the latest leg of their tour in Leicester, Doves gleamed with energy and infinite flair that wowed the audience. The opening instrumental launched the bustling crowd into a trance, with the domineering, electrifying sound blowing you away. In awe of the band’s faultless performance, the crowd witnessed a spine-tingling set, brimming with chair shaking bass, electrifying guitars and echo-like transitions. Jimi Goodwin’s husky voice ricocheted through the air, adding ecstasy to the atmosphere.

The audience pounded with the spirit to party. Clusters of people danced, clapped and roared with cheers that truly respected the band’s life-long contribution to British indie/rock. The stamping of feet to demand more at the end of the set resembled the ferocity of a cavalry. The audience truly valued the Doves sound. Jimi’s on-stage banter ‘anyone got any jokes’ added to the band’s amiable attitude towards their loyal fans. It seemed like everyone was friends.

‘Black & White Town’ and ‘There Goes The Fear’ amplified the mood. Adrenaline filled the atmosphere leaving the crowd mesmerized by the quality of their performance. Colourful strobe lighting enhanced the domineering status of the band’s on-stage presence, with nostalgic visuals inducing a sense of surrealism and a desire to stare in amazement and wonder at grainy footage that looked much like old family video recordings. The band’s persona just swarmed the stage as the heaving crowd experienced an exhilarating set of superbly crafted music.

As the set drew to a close, claps echoed the room for seconds, possibly minutes. The crowd hung around in hope of one more song (again) and despite failed efforts, each and every person would have left the venue witnessing a truly memorable performance that most brits and more specifically mancunian’s would be proud of. False rumours that Doves were splitting after this UK tour were simply shattered by a breathtaking performance that was a great send off for their well earned two year break.

The Places Between: The Best Of Doves is out now on Heavenly/Virgin Records. You can view the video for the fantastic ‘Andalucia’ below.