Interview // Dum Dum Girls


We’re pretty much in love with Dum Dum Girls debut album I Will Be here at Faux, so we figured it was high time one of us sat down to chat with one of the girls behind this exceptionally brilliant band. So here we have it, Andy Von Pip in conversation with Dee Dee, the founder and lead vocalist from Dum Dum Girls.

Dum Dum Girls apparently started out as a ‘one girl garage project’. What was your initial aim and how did the band evolve?
It was just a way to pass a lot of lonely and frustrated time. I never expected it to land me here. I wrote and recorded enough songs for a few releases, and once I signed to Sub Pop and finished the album, I wanted to take it out of the bedroom.

Your debut album ‘I Will Be’ has just been released, it’s managed to retain a really raw honest indie vibe. Was it your intention to produce something that was a true representation of your sound rather then something that sounded overproduced thereby losing its energy and power?
I wanted to retain the general sound of earlier releases, but also show some progress. What Richard Gottehrer did for it can be summed up as “gentle finessing” — improving the fidelity and helping showcase the vocals.

A Ramones/Blondie/Phil Spector early punk type vibe definitely comes across (to me at least) on your album, would you say these sort of bands are ones who have primarily influenced you?
Ramones and Phil Spector more so than Blondie, but there all are sorts of things that have gone into my head and shaped the kind of sound I want my songs to have.

What was it like working alongside a producer like Richard Gottehrer?
Surreal. He is so personable, though, that it was a really easy and natural partnership.

You started our as a drummer? What made you switch to guitar?
Have you tried writing songs on drums?

You’ve said in the past that you’re obsessed with big chorus’s, so was it important to you to make every album track sound like it could be a potential single?
Not in such a contrived manner, but yes, I definitely want every song I write and record to be memorable like a single.

You’ve played a few UK shows earlier in 2010 . Will you be coming back to see us again this year ?
We’ll be back in May and July!

What’s the plan for the rest of 2010?
Hit the road with my ladies.

When you’re not immersing yourself in music how do you relax?
I’m always immersed in some manner, but I do spend a lot of time with my family, friends, and cat.

Five words which could sum up your album for us Brits
Blissed out buzz saw pop.

I Will Be is out now on Sub Pop Records. You can download two songs from Dum Dum Girls, one of which was featured on their Record Day 2010 split 7″ with Male Bonding, here. The band are touring the UK later in May, for dates/locations hit their myspace.