Auditory Pleasures // #22

Thanks for joining me again whilst I share with you some of the track which have been on repeat over the past week.

It’s difficult to truly describe Flying Lotus’ eclectic style genre-wise. Steve Ellison, the man behind the lotus, takes samples and influences from every corner of the musical world and combines them in such a way that upon first listen sounds very daunting and even uncomfortable. However, give his new album Cosmogramma, which you can stream on his MySpace page a few listens and you’ll find yourself hooked, hearing new sounds upon each listen. …And The World Laughs With You is only a snippet of Ellison’s work but features none other than Thom Yorke, which should be enough of an incentive to check out Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus…And The World Laughs With You

After Paul Banks took some time out to work on his solo material, under the alias of Julian Plenti, Interpol are back with a brand new track, ‘Lights’. The track is typical Interpol, featuring Banks’ baritone vocals alongside subtle and melodic hooks.


Brand new Wolf Parade comes in the form of two track, ‘Ghost Pressure’ and ‘What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)’ from their upcoming new album Expo 86. Long, drawn out guitar riffs combined with synthesisers make for a compelling sound which promises good things from the album.

Wolf ParadeGhost Pressure

Best Coast’s hazy surf pop sound is the perfect accompaniment to the upcoming summer months. Although Everyone’s Gone doesn’t quite have the immediate pop credentials of When I’m With You it highlights a more serious side to Bethany Consentino work.

Best CoastEveryone’s Gone