Microsoft Kin


Now this is probably because I’m entirely taken in by all the Urban Outfitters-style marketing, but Kin, the new pair of phones from Microsoft, actually look pretty tempting. No one has a dumbphone anymore, and if you do you’re dumb. Why wouldn’t you want all your email/facebook/twitter updates at hand, or be able to share photos as soon as you take them? You’re right, you wouldn’t. Then again, it’s a pretty busy space already with Blackberry, Apple, and Google’s Android platform all vying for attention. Microsoft are already lined up to re-enter mobile with their Windows Phone 7 system launching later in the year, but Kin is a kind of advanced look at that. It’s basically Sidekick 2.0; not that that matters seeing as they never really caught on in the UK.

Why should you care? Put simply, Kin wants to understand you. It takes all your important stuff; who you contact most, who’s status’ you care about on Facebook, and streams it all to your homescreen. With a pretty idiosyncratic layout it immediately puts everything you’d want to see right in front of you. Plus it’s got some pretty neat sharing features, awesome looking messaging and email apps, as well as fantastic looking hardware that looks like a hybrid of the Palm Pre and the T-Mobile G1. Rad. If none of that takes your fancy, watch the promo video below and tell me you don’t want a post-1970’s Volvo and a hipster haircut. And a Kin.

Kin will be available on Vodafone from late summer in two variations, Kin 1 and Kin 2. For more info visit Kin.