Review // The Futureheads – The Chaos

Crashing in with typical Futureheads style, album opener ‘The Chaos’ immediately lets you know what you’re in for. As soon as the countdown kicks in, you know there’s no going back. Similarly to their previous albums, the opening track is an overview of the album, but this new one sounds much more fresh and exciting. Recent single ‘Heartbeat Song’ is the singalong song that we know and love, but have come to expect from the band. Full of hits, including  ‘I Can Do That’ which bizarrely ends with singer Barry Hyde referencing Keith Harris & Orville’s ‘I Wish I Could Fly’. Another standout track is ‘The Connector’; its shouty roar in the chorus making it sure to be a hit at festivals.

However, with any album there are the misses. On here it comes in the form of ‘The Sun Goes Down’, a darker attempt from the boys that doesn’t seem to work for me, especially with the use of multiple vocals. Another example of a miss on the album is ‘Dart At The Map’, which seems to amble along compared to the faster pace of the rest of the album. They do however manage to get back on form for the last few tracks, a mixture of harmonies and singalongs in a way that only The Futureheads can do. While it’s not the best that they could have done, it will still go down a storm with their loyal fanbase.

The Chaos is out on 26/5/10 through Nul Recordings. Visit their myspace for forthcoming tour dates with Frankie & The Heartstrings.