Music // The Notorious XX

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, some things just work. In the world of mash-up mixtapes, it’s a frighteningly rare occurrence. The last time something fitted as well as what you’re about to hear, it was the devastatingly brilliant J. Period and K’Naan mixtape; The Messengers. That took some of the most seminal Bob Dylan tracks and interspersed them with classic Dylan interviews and K’Naan’s laid-back hip-hop lyricisms to brilliant effect. In a not to dissimilar vein, this latest mixtape from San Francisco’s DJ Wait What takes the words of Notorious B.I.G. and layers them through the ethereal dream-pop of The XX. No, don’t flinch, it’s actually really brilliant. While some tracks work better than others, as a collective package it’s both remarkably fun and gloriously fresh. It’s not often these kind of hip-hop mash-ups work well (Jaydiohead anyone?), but DJ Wait What seems to have managed to crack the mould.

Via Pretty Much Amazing.