Diplo’s “No One Is Safe”


Diplo (M.I.A, Major Lazer) has started working on a new documentary series for Current TV called “No One is Safe,”. He is taking a deep involved look at different music scenes and delving into their origins/history and current activity.

This is the pilot, where he explores the New Orleans Bounce scene, visiting clubs, record stores, talking to dancers and key players like Sissy Nobby and Big Freedia. He does a good job of taking a scene with a wealth of complicated and intricate history and focusing it for a mass audience. The series looks to be an interesting exploration of more obscure and less publicised genres and movements and should provide in depth looks at a wide variety of music. You can check out the debut below, or catch its premier on Current TV very soon.

For info about Current TV visit click here or check out Sky Channel 183 or Virgin 155.