Blur – Fools Day


New material from Blur? Crikey. Most never thought they’d see the day, but following those reunion shows over the summer Blur have finally stuck themselves back in the studio to record a special vinyl single for Record Store Day 2010. It’s unlikely you’ve got your hands on one of the 1000 copies made, so you can stream it from us instead. Aren’t we lovely?

Put simply, it’s everything you’d hoped and more. Harking back to the days of ‘Coffee & TV’ or ‘Blur Jeans’, it’s all as if Think Tank never happened. Damon sings yearning lines mentioning Ladbroke Grove and Woolworths, blissed out and instantly classic, all leading up to a screeching lead-out from Coxon. Now, more than ever, I’m praying Blur go back in the studio to record a new full LP. “Consolidate, the love we have together, on a cold day in springtime”.

You can download ‘Fools Day’ here.