A Chat With Zoe Jervoise


Photo by Max Knight.

London-based designer Zoe Jervoise has been making waves for a while now with her distinctive range of tapestry-adorned jackets. I caught up with her for a piece in Faux Vol 1.3 (which you can view here), and you can now view the extended version of the interview below. Enjoy!

How did your exposure through the NME Tour come about? Talk me through what happened/special designs/projects?
I got the NME Tour exposure as I was friendly with and knew all the bands before. My friend Elisa Aimi was fundamental in helping to organise everything. I wanted my jackets to be closely knitted with musicians and Elisa does Local Natives online PR. All the bands were really excited about borrowing jackets for the tour. Lead singer of Golden Silvers, Gwilym had a jacket that he wore on stage every night and has since commissioned one. My inspiration for this piece was their debut album’s artwork. He says wearing it on stage gives him his mojo.

Marina wore her jacket which had a geometric colourful diamond on the back, which she loves. The shoot we did with all the bands on the roof of the Oxford Academy wearing their Jervoise jackets was truly exciting.

Where do you live? How does it and the scene around you influence you?
I live in Ealing, but my inspiration comes from everywhere really. My Mum travelled a lot with my Grandfather who was a documentary film maker so we have many interesting finds all over our home. Right now my main inspiration is Aztec art. love it.

Obviously Marina is massive now, as is Ellie Goulding who you’re linked to. How has their success helped you spread/develop Jervoise as a brand?
Marina and Ellie are both friends of mine. They’ve been very supportive of me which is great. They both have special commissions I made them. Marina has got me involved with her merchandise as well; I’m making 50 limited addition t-shirts for her. I have my own Jervoise Jackets: Diamond Series which is inspired by her. Marina gave me a shout out when she was wearing her diamond jacket on stage at Latitude Festival…. Got a few emails after that!

Where do you draw the inspiration for your pieces from?
My pieces are based on the style of the 60’s/70’s and psychedelic poster art. Most of my designs feature mythical birds, so Indian, Aztec and Egyptian art have been an inspiration. The intricate designs and patterns inform my work.

Talk me through the latest Jervoise material. Obviously there are the jackets, but what else is in the pipeline?
I’ve been focusing on denim shirts and t-shirts at the moment, painting and tapestry. I’m also getting into jeans which bands like Mumford & Sons and Local Natives will be wearing. The colours will be more natural, following the bands innate styles.

How can people get hold of your pieces at the moment?
On my website I have jackets up for sale. I’m also doing monthly eBay auctions; a lot of customised vintage things and tapestry denim shirts, if you’re lucky! I’m always keeping people updated with the sales on my website, blog and my Facebook fan page.

Plans for the far future? Where would you like to see Jervoise as a brand ending up being positioned?
I’d like to work with a large company and create some limited addition collections. I’ve been in talks with a major denim company, which will hopefully enable the expansion of the Jervoise brand. In the future I would like to have my own ready to wear label. I’m particularly interested in doing menswear.

You can view more of Zoe’s work at her site here or on Facebook here.