Fenech Soler

Fenech-Soler have been around for a while now, most recently signing to Moda Music and releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Lies’. They’re now back with a follow-up, the ethereal pop tones of second Moda single ‘Stop & Stare’. Chris Wheatley interviewed Ben from the band for our print edition, here’s the uncut interview. For more on Fenech, check out the New Blood section of Faux Vol 1.3, out now.

How did Fenech-Soler come about?
Ross and I are brothers and have always grown up around music. Our dad was a country musician and toured with people like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash so instruments were always close to hand. We got bored one day, bought a laptop and started making music with long standing, local friends, Dan and Andy. I suppose from there it quickly turned from something that was confined to our bedroom studio into something we all felt we had to preform live.

Who would you list as your influences?
Fat Larrys Band from Philadelphia has been a recent obsession this week… They’re an R&B act from the early 80’s and they have some incredible songs. We’re also big fans of a guy called Hudson Mohawke who we’ve known for a while. We saw him at SXSW last week for the first time and thought he was great. Check out a track called ‘Joy Fantastic’… It won’t disappoint.

For anyone who isn’t aware of Fenech-Soler, who would you compare yourselves to? And how would you describe your sound?
We have been compared to a few bands but all of them we like so no problems there. We definitely feel more comfortable in a ‘club’ environment and it was always our intension from the start to write dance music. We want our music to connect with the listener and make them feel good so we don’t commentate on what’s going on in the real world… It all seems too depressing. We try to write romantic, epic pop music based on imagery and colour. Escapism i suppose.

What are the plans for an album so far? What can we expect from it?
Well we’re currently working on the album at our studio in Kings Cliffe and it’s nearly finished. I think coming from an area with no music scene has given us the time to develop the record in the right way. We’ve had to get on and produce it our self which we absolutely love. It’s been a long process but the sense of achievement and satisfaction is worth a lot. It will be out this summer. It’s definitely a record that should be enjoyed in warmer weather.

Are you aiming for a similar sound to your material so far or will there be some tracks which take a different direction?
There will obviously be some of the songs people know on the album because we feel it’s important for it to reflect the band over the last year. I know sometimes singles don’t make it on to albums but i don’t think that would work for us… We like them too much. There is a down-tempo side with tracks like ‘Stone Bridge’ and ‘Walk Alone’ that is more focused on emotion and minimal soundscapes, so we’re excited for people to hear this side of Fenech-Soler. ‘Battlefields’ and ‘Golden Sun’ are my personal favorites though.

‘Stop & Stare’ is released through Moda Music on 19th April.