Faux Mix Series #003 // Futurecop!


Arriving in a whirlwind of digitized nostalgia, the third instalment of Faux’s resident mixtape series comes courtesy of Futurecop!, a retro-hued electro duo split between Manchester and London. Citing “A passion for retro sci-fi and fantasy movies and cartoons.” as a primary influence, the duo of Manzur Iqbal, 27, and Peter Carrol, 28, have found time between occasionally remixes of bands like The Teenagers and Crystal Castles, live performances and creating their deliriously airy electronica to create us a special extended mixtape for Faux.

1. Manga Sample (sample)
2. Silicone Project – Supernova
3. Florrie – Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)
4. Renegade – Pursuit
5. TV Rock feat Rudy – In The Air (Grum Remix)
6. Gundam SEED Destiny – Reason
7. Yes Giantess – The Ruins (Fear of Tigers Remix)
8. Futurecop! – Dreams
9. Mblack – Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)
10. Funeral For A friend – Roses for the Dead

So how exactly do you begin to craft songs that sound the way it feels to watch an 80s film? Armed with a copy of Reason and a midi keyboard Futurecop! gave it their best shot. “We basically started with no knowledge of music producion so it was frustrating trying to understand and program music with no help. But through it all we had the strong motivation to create a sound and style which we believed in. When we show our production to other producers they’re often amazed at the unconventional way we have used programs, but I guess that’s why we sound so different.” Futurecop! take a wide range of influences and determinedly fashion their own, inimitable, personal sound. “We werent making Futurecop! to become the next Killers or anything. We were just two guys making music and graphics for ourselves because we were really into retro movies and cartoons. We honestly didnt think so many people would like it.”

People have responded fondly however, leading to a wide array of remixes and blog posts scattered across the internet. Whilst Manzur is positive about this exposure, he’s more disparaging about the music industry as a business. “With us, we really hate all the business side to music, its annoying and not what we did Futurecop! for, but we have realised it has to take up a lot of our time as labels are not as creative anymore , less brave when signing new acts. It’s more about money, since there is less money nowadays in the industry. So they just stick to what would sell, i.e a young girl, dressing cool, singing over electro. We’ve even had labels telling we should recruit a young pretty girls for Futurecop!, if we wanted to get on their label – our response was “fuck off”! What I’m trying to say is, it’s hard to make a living being in an innovative band.”

Whatever their feeling on the music industry, the duo are plainly deserving of a bright future – all the more for refusing to compromise their sound. Their extended, twenty minute mix is bursting with notable influences on their sound, as well as a track from the band themselves. Featuring tracks and remixes from Fred Falke, Yes Giantess and Grum, the mix is a fusion of disco-house, retro electronics and twinkling euphoria; even throwing in some surprises along the way.