Auditory Pleasures // #20

Another week, another chance to guide you through some of the hottest tracks I’ve discovered.

Another week, another leak. This time in the form of the second self titled album from Crystal Castles. Celestica builds upon Crystal Castles’ trademark sound and steps it up a notch. The more melodic Alice Glass sounds amazing amongst the various electo sound bytes.

Crystal CastlesCelestica

The xx continue churning out great remix after great remix. This time the focus is on YACHT’s The Afterlife. The remix follows a similar path to previous remixes by adding a distinct dubstep feel to the track and stripping away a lot of the instrumentation from the record.

YACHTThe Afterlife (The xx Remix)

So Band Of Horses are pretty much previewing every track from their upcoming new album Infinite Arms. This time comes the turn of album opener ‘Factory’. It’s the best of the new material so far, offering a tranquil first person perspective of a man.

Band Of HorsesFactory

A track from jj which sadly didn’t make the final album cut, Ceo Birthday is typically jj with it’s hauntingly sparing vocals and minimal accompaniment.

jjCeo Birthday