Review // Dimbleby & Capper – Slick Maturity EP

Dimbleby & Capper is the slightly mental alter ego of Laura Bettinson, a 21 year old student who gives us an EP that quite frankly has confused me. Each song is layered to epic proportions with loop after loop of electronica, topped with kooky lyrics that somehow manage to strike a chord, albeit an electro one . In fact in the enchanting ‘Money Water’ I managed to compare her to The xx, New Young Pony Club, MIA and Fleet Foxes before giving up completely.

On the most basic level Dimbleby & Capper’s sound is pop, except it’s far from that simple; set apart from the ever-rising tide of female front women, Bettinson has created an EP in which every song feels completely different, each standing strong in its own genre. The dark hues of ‘Fort Song’ resonate beautifully and catapult Laura’s sound into a completely different league of her own, allowing her to escape the electro background of the other tracks. It’s an EP that shows incredible promise, moving her sound forward from her early demos into an unfamiliar territory. Quite where she goes from here, that’s anyone’s guess.

Slick Maturity EP is out now on Up Slot Records. You can stream it on Spotify here and purchase here.