The Vice Guide To Film

Vice is pretty awesome, we’re not going to lie. Alongside making an incredible magazine they also put out equally brilliant films under their VBS moniker. Most recently they released Swansea Love Story, a heart-wrenching look at how heroin had rapidly taken hold in a small Welsh town once dominated by thriving industry. Taking a more upbeat tone, the Vice Guide To Film follows Vice-founder Shane Smith as he visits some of the lesser-known film industries of the world including the state-run Korean Feature Film Studio, the drug funded narco-cinema of Mexico, and the trials and tribulations of two Palestinians from Bouj al Barajneh refugee camp as they try and film a light-hearted comedy about, of all things, searching for a job. You can view the trailer for Vice Guide To Film below and catch each episode through the week on Clearly essential viewing, right?

Vice Guide To Film is streaming on from tomorrow, 30th March.