Four Lions – Official Trailer

Four Lions is the debut feature film from director Chris Morris (Brass Eye, The Day Today and The I.T Crowd), it’s also written by Morris with help from Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show). The film is a satire based on a group of four Islamic Jihadi terrorists from the north of England.

The film tells the story of a group of British jihadists who push their abstract dreams of glory to the breaking point, bundling their way through what leader Barry (Nigel Lyndsey) calls training for their final mission. Morris is quoted as describing it as been the “Dad’s Army side to terrorism”. In a storm of what looks to be trademark for Morris, the film merges razor-sharp verbal delivery and large-scale set pieces; promising to be a comedic tour de force that shows while terrorism is about ideology, it can also be about idiots.

Three years in the making, Morris is said to have completed the script for the film in 2008 following a great deal of research, which included speaking to terrorism experts, police, the secret service, ex-radicals, radicals and British Muslims. Originally turned down by the BBC for being too controversial, Film4 took on the project with Warp Films. Despite the film’s sketchy subject matter, Morris seems undeterred by the ruckus that currently and will inevitably surround the movie. He is quoted saying “most of us would dearly love to laugh in the face of our worst fears, why aren’t we laughing at terrorists? Because we didn’t know how to, until now”.

The brand new trailer for Four Lions is below, it is released May 7th across the UK. For more information click here.