Live: Passion Pit & Ellie Goulding


Electronic indie sensations Passion Pit really know how to work a crowd even if the majority of which are barely fifteen, along with the amazing support from the new indie favourite Ellie Goulding. This is probably the first gig I have been to where the supporting act was more popular than the main performers. The chanting soon began for Ellie Goudling to appear on stage, as the atmosphere lifted into anticipation for the ridiculously hyped young star she emerged with ‘Lights’- the crowd went into hysterics.

Her sweet quirky vocals gripped the crowd for a lovely half hour set with the added screaming of 16 year olds in-between songs. Beating her drums passionately to the intro of her brilliant breakthrough single ‘Under the Sheets’ gave reticence to a Florence performance. Ending on the sweet light hearted single ‘Starry Eyed’, sealing a perfect set of six tracks from her debut album Lights, 2010 looks very promising for Ellie.

Ellie had left the crowd nicely pumped up for Passion Pit who burst onto stage with the rhythmic ‘I Got Your Number’, a lovely warm affectionate jam. Front man Michael Angelako’s high falsetto voice then broke into the cherpy upbeat ‘Better Things’ felt as if it was summer inside Rock city. Swiftly moving onto their first disco number ‘The Reeling’ that gives comparisons to the high vocal abilities of the Bee Gees, where it certainty left everyone reeling for more. The hour and a quarter set covered most of their debut album Manners, including the psychedelic electro ‘Little Secrets’ lifting the crowd higher and higher. During the encore the chanting for ‘Sleepyhead’ began, after a quick break Michael Angelako reluctantly gave in (“you know we have 16 other songs?”); defiantly not just a one track band and very much understated. However, as everyone filtered out of Rock City, only one name was on everyone’s lips, Ellie Goulding’s.