Chatroulette ft. Ben Folds


If you’ve been anywhere apart from under a rock over the last week you’ve probably seen the pretty incredible “Chatroulette Piano Improv” video that’s currently making the rounds on youtube. Just to explain things for those who haven’t; it basically features a guy sat in front of his piano while on Chatroulette, improvising songs based one what he sees each time Chatroulette switches to a new user. It’s catchy, snappy, and pretty entertaining. Taking the idea one step further over the weekend, musician Ben Folds decided to hook his webcam/laptop up to Chatroulette while performing a show in Charlotte, North Carolina. The resulting footage of 2,000 fans screaming, singing, and cheering along as user after user flashes up on a large screen behind the stage accompanied by Folds’ improvised songs about them is pretty incredible. Frankly, if you don’t crack a smile during this as Bobby emerges from behind his notepad, you’ve got a heart of stone.