Faux Mix Series #002 // Jam City


Bringing Faux the next installment of it’s exclusive 10 minute mixtape series is South London’s Jack Latham, better known as Jam City. A member of the particularly respected Night Slugs collective, Jam City notes that his ten minute mix is an attempt to reflect “the sort of attitude you can see on London’s dancefloors right now.” Mixing a heady array of glitchy, infectious house, twitchy dubstep and music that straddles both genres and tempos, even as a house producer, Latham notes that his mix is a collection of “long-time favourites of mine, but all spanning different genres”.

Big Red – Ooh Hoe
DVA – Jelly Roll
DJ Nehpets – I Get High
Low Deep – Str8 Flush
D1 – Pitcher
Macabre Unit – Lift Off
A.J. McGhee – Bottle

Anyone with an ear to the ground right now can tell you that dance music is going through some stages of evolution and change. We’re not taking American Werewolf in London transformations though; there’s something much more natural about the sort of splicing and hybridity we’re seeing. Currently revelling in these changes is the London imprint Night Slugs. Birthed from the club night of the same name and helmed by it’s esteemed DJ’s Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990, the Night Slugs label prides itself on the sort of intense genre-splicing music that seems to be filling the gaps between house and dubstep.

As well as proving himself a formidable DJ in his ten minute mix for Faux, Jam City has established himself as a rather formidable producer. Creating bold, experimental dance music in tracks like the twinkling, atmospheric In The Park or his warm, skewed remix of Endgames’ Ecstacy, Jam City is creating music beyond the genre confines that most artists don’t dare to stray from. Fashioning a sound that sits comfortably in the gulf between 130 BPM music and 140 BPM music, there is something to be said for the innovation involved in this sort of musical duality.

With the prolific works of the Night Slugs rising considerably in exposure, it looks like 2010 will be a good year for the hybrid music of London’s innovators, especially 21 year old Latham. If Jam City’s smooth journey across London’s dancefloors has caught your attention, watch out for the forthcoming Endgames Refix split with Bok Bok, forthcoming on Night Slugs in the coming month.