Auditory Pleasures // #14

Welcome to another edition of Auditory Pleasures, featuring my favourite tracks of the past week.

‘Oh You (Christmas Blues)’ will be taken from the upcoming Noah Baumbuch film titled Greenberg. Using a slow and heavy bass somehow reminds me of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’. It’s pretty a pretty sparse record, sounding isolated and disjointed throughout.

LCD Soundsystem‘Oh You (Christmas Blues)’

So after much anticipation surrounding ‘Congratulations’ MGMT finally previewed two tracks (one officially, one unofficially) from the hyped album. ‘Flash Delirium’ is the official track and, to use the popular reference, is like Marmite. You’ll either love it or hate it. All I’d say is give it a few listens, is a real grower which shows MGMT haven’t been resting on their laurels but have probably spent the last 12 months getting high and in the process producing some really trippy music.

MGMT – ‘Flash Delirium’

‘Sleep Paralysist’ doesn’t break any boundaries but is the first brand new material from Neon Indian since his debut album Psychic Chasms was released last year. It’s follows a tried and tested method but still manages to sound fresh and is as good as anything on the critically received album.

Neon Indian‘Sleep Paralysist’

A dreamy acoustic number, ‘Untitled/Track 7’ is brand new material from the Faux featured Ernest Greene AKA Washed Out. It’s tranquil and calming and I’d say is more of a preview of what to expect as oppose to brilliant new material itself. Although only a short taster it gives a great insight of things to come.

Washed Out‘Untitled/Track 7’