Youth In Revolt

A lovable nobody who knows all of the words to the Guess Who’s ‘These Eyes’, a teen with brilliant music taste, and a young father who’s giving his baby away for adoption; all brilliant performances by Michael Cera. His latest role in Youth In Revolt, in which Cera plays teen virgin Nick Twist, is set to be just as successful as the aforementioned.

Believing that a bad-boy persona will help him succeed in losing his virginity, he creates Francois, a confident and suave Frenchman. Through Francoise Nick learns how to be bad -leading him into several mishaps. Francoise also talks to people the way Nick doesn’t dare – cocky and arrogant. This is best portrayed in the scenes between Francoise/Nick and his mum’s latest boyfriend – played by Ray Liotta. Liotta’s not the only actor to provide a cameo, as we’re also treated to scene-stealing performances in the film by Zach “that guy from the Hangover” Galifianakis, Justin Long and Steve Buscemi.

The film is essentially a new take on the traditional boy-meets-girl genre and, surprisingly, it delivers. This is a film for everyone; the girls will love Michael Cera’s typically naive personality, whilst the boys will enjoy the quick wit between the film’s characters. So, the verdict; is it worth watching? In short; Yes. The film’s characters are intelligently formed – you’ll be able to relate to them in one way or another. Let’s face it, every one of us is a virgin once. I only wish that I had the help of a suave Frenchman at times. Youth In Revolt is in cinemas now.