Micmacs – – Official Trailer

Micmacs is the latest film from acclaimed French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the man behind Amelie, The City of the Lost Children and Delicatessen.

Released in selected cinemas across the UK on 26th February 2010 the film follows our hero Bazil (French superstar Dany Boon) who is accidentally shot in the head and finds his whole life turned upside down. He is forced to make a choice between living life with a bullet lodged in his brain and the chance he will drop dead anytime or have it removed and become a vegetable. He chooses the former, becomes homeless, and ends up being taken in by a group of eccentrics. Soon after he starts to plot with them to take down the source of all his woes: the weapons manufacturers responsible for the bullets that hit him and killed his father years before.

Jeunet has delivered some weird but exquisite films and this one looks to be no exception. Its tone is a contrast between his earlier films (City of Lost Children) and his later ones (A Very Long Engagement). Similar to his early work the focus is on the wacky characters with weird hobbies, but it’s not as dark in style as his first forays into film. It actually has a bright atmosphere, like Amélie. The trailer is below. Enjoy.