Music // jj – Let Go

Last year jj released one of 2009’s sleeper hit albums in their debut, no. 2. Their distinctive mash of ethereal post-trip hop and loose summer romance jams led to a maelstrom of hype, eventually leading to the announcement of their forthcoming second LP, the confusingly named no. 3. While the identity of the Swedish duo has remained a secret over the past year, their forthcoming US tour with The xx means that sooner or later, they’d have to show their faces. And show they did, in incredible style actually. The video for ‘Let Go’, the lead track from no. 3, is a dizzying mix of hazy vocals, succinct electronica, and a heart wrenchingly gorgeous harmonica line. “All I have left is my soul, left me with this winter so cold/take me away, like I overdosed on heroin“.